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A Stream of Consciousness turned 1 today!

WHAT THE !?!?!

Exactly a year ago today I set up my tumblr account to start a blog. ONE WHOLE YEAR AGO TODAY. I’ve only just had the email through to say Happy Birthday you’re account has turned 1 today… but weirdly I wrote my first blog yesterday and after few spell checks I planned to post it today!! WOAH! Weird hey?

This also proves how bad I procrastinate and how I’ve let a lot of life stuff get in the way. I have been busy figuring a lot of things out. Had I started my blog last year it might have been a bit messy and err crap. Now though, now I’ve made a bit of headway on a few important subjects.  So, I think it’s finally time I kick start this blog into action…. happy birthday indeed :)

But GET THIS - I’ve had a stroll back on my FB page to see what I was doing this time last year that was so distracting. Actually Freaked me out - 22nd April 13 “Today I become Paleo”. Tomorrow - 24th April 13, I entered my first Ironman swim. I was just too busy going for it. Yesterday, last year, was the start of a mini miracle. I finally discovered a way to live med-free and stay in remission.

UC drama - another story! 

So my first post, one whole year on, with many more to follow :)

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